Why did we do this?

We get asked this a lot.  Why would we leave behind family, friends, exciting city hobbies, and all the conveniences of a capital city for a life on an undeveloped bush block with no prior experience of rural life, no homesteading skills, and no job prospects?

The following AREN’T some reasons for our move:

  • We DIDN’T move here because we are traditionalists seeking a simpler way of life away from the evils of modern conveniences.


  • We DIDN’T move here because we are barefoot, Kumbayah-singing Earth Children wanting to be close to nature.


  • We DID NOT come here because we fear some kind of zombie apocalyse.


We are ordinary people who wanted to learn some real, basic skills, like being able to build a shelter.  We wanted to be a bit more self-reliant.  We like the outdoors, pretty scenery, and a less hectic pace of life.  And Peter and Blythe probably read too many books like ‘The Coral Island’ (R.M.Ballantyne) when they were young.  So, starting from scratch sounded like an adventure!


And…OK, we admit it.  Maybe it’s PARTLY because we fear a zombie apocalyse.

Original song and lyrics by Blythe Tait.  Academy Award-worthy acting by Phoenix Robey. Please watch to the very end.