Solar Panels

getting off the power grid

We are completely off the grid.  It was going to cost a phenomenal amount of money to connect our block to the grid, but even if it hadn’t, we really wanted to be self-sufficient in our power usage.

We have been living with solar power for 6 years.  We do have plans to experiment with other forms of alternative power, but solar will probably always be our main power source.

Solar panels

Most modern houses would need a 5-10 kilowatt system for their power requirements.  Our power system is less than 1KW, and we have survived quite happily for 6 years with it.  That said, we absolutely would have installed a bigger system from  the very first if we’d had the money; the size of the system was dictated by budget. While we have plans to expand the system shortly, living with such a small system has trained the whole family well in power usage.

More information on our power situation coming soon.