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the story of building the House that Worked Out

‘Wilderness Life DIY: A City Family Bumbles Towards Self-Sufficiency’ is now available for purchase!

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Can a clueless city couple learn to build a house in the wilderness completely by themselves? What is life like on 525 watts of power? When is the right time to change a toilet bucket? The answers to these questions and more are in ‘Wilderness Life DIY’, the tale of a city family who leaves a comfortable city existence to make a home in the Australian Tasmanian wilderness.  

Available for purchase now from Amazon and Smashwords.  Or download a FREE sample from either site!

Wilderness Life DIY is the story of how it all began.  COMING SOON is the continuation of that story, how we built The House That Worked Out.   

Please let us know if you would like to be kept informed of its release date.

…the books for anyone who is pioneering their own life in the wild, for the dreamers who would like to pioneer a life in the wild, and for all the people who have no plans whatsoever to ever, EVER pioneer in the wild but quite like to read about someone else’s madness.

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