We love homemade gym equipment, especially if it is easy and cheap to build!  We have planned to build PVC parallettes for almost seven years, but other projects always got in the way.  Finally, we got organised and made them.

This is a 1 hour project max.  There are many excellent tutorials for building these on the internet.  I have kept these instructions very busy, basically just for people who wanted a tutorial in metric instead of inches.  For more information and excellent photo tutorial instructions, here are a few excellent sites:






3.5 metre length of 40mm PVC pipe (You only need 3 metres, but this allows for cuts. We bought 1x 6m length and have heaps left over).

4 x 40mm PVC 90° elbow joiners

4 x 40mm PVC ‘T’ joiners

8 x 40mm PVC caps

PVC glue


PVC saw


  1. Cut the PVC pipe into the following lengths:
  • 2 x 60mm lengths     (these will form the parallette bars.)
  • 4 x 20mm lengths     (these form the uprights. If you want the parallettes to be lower or higher, these are the lengths you will change)
  • 8 x 12mm pieces       (these form the feet)

2. Glue the 90° elbows onto each end of the 60mm lengths. BEFORE THE GLUE DRIES, lie the pipe plus elbow joiners on the ground to ensure it is flat.

3. Glue the 12mm feet into the cross piece of all four T-joiners.

4. Glue end caps onto the feet.

5. Glue the uprights into the remaining socket of the T joiners.

6. Glue the completed uprights into the 90° joiners.

VOILA! Homemade parallettes.

And here, to demonstrate their use, is one of our sons, doing a handstand to an L-sit.